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Email forms the backbone of most businesses today and our articles are written to help you make the most of this vital service.

Setting up email accounts with SSL encryption

How To Use Full SSL Encryption On iPhone Mail

Privacy and Security are a concern for us all. Every day there are more reports of websites and email accounts being hacked, so we need to ensure we are taking the appropriate measures to secure our services. One of the easiest things we can do is ensure our devices are sending and receiving our emails securely. This is done using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

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Set Up Email Account On IOS 10

How Do I Set Up An Email Account On My iPhone Running iOS 10

When Apple introduced iOS 10, they made some subtle changes in the steps required to add a new email account. They separated out Mail, Contact and Calendars into their own distinct sections within settings, thus removing any confusion over your intentions when you begin the process.

Before you begin, just make sure you have the following information to hand.

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Email Connection Problems after Heartbleed Bug

You may have seen over the past week that the Heartbleed Bug has been making headline news, not just in the tech industry, but globally at every level of interest. It highlights how we are all increasingly connected to the web and dependant upon the levels of security that are available to us.

The bug in the OpenSSL Cryptographic Software allowed those with the right ‘know-how’ to gain access to the memory of systems protected by this web standard security layer. Once identified and made aware of, a fixed patch became available and systems around the globe began the process of updating to the newest versions available for their platform. Once that was done, new SSL Certificates were required and all previous certificates revoked.

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Windows Live Mail

How To Setup Email In Windows Live Mail Desktop

Windows Live Mail is another Email Client ( or application if you prefer ) that runs on your PC and allows you to check the email activity of various email addresses you may have. In this guide we’re going to show you how to add an email account that is provided as part of our Hosting and Website Management Service. If your emails are operated by another service provider, you may well still be able to follow this guide using the details they have provided you with.

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Windows Live Mail Archive

How To Archive Email in Windows Live Mail

Archiving your emails allows you to save them locally on your computer. This is perfect if you need to remove emails from the on-line mail server to free up space. It’s also ideal if you are switching service providers and need to setup your email accounts on a new hosting system. Archiving the emails will keep them safely on your computer and you can still read and reply to them as necessary.

Whilst your version of Windows Live Mail may look slightly different to the screen shots we have here, you should be able to follow along and make the necessary changes to successfully archive your emails locally.

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