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Creating amazing websites and applications is what we do - the thing we are most passionate about.
Your website won't be just about the look and the content, or the user experience and the ease, or just about the page speed and the fast hosting, or even the security features and advanced protection.
Your new website would be about 'all' those things bundled together into one beautiful package.

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Digital Asset Management

Keeping track of Domain Names, Servers and Hosting Packages can be a time consuming, but never the less essential chore. We often discover that clients have fragmented digital assets, having registered or acquired domains through various different channels. This can make renewals, updates or urgent changes unnecessarily complex. We provide a full management service for our clients, consolidating their online assets into a single account. We take care of all renewals, leaving us as a single point of contact for any changes or queries that arise.

Concierge Web Management

To ensure your website delivers a great experience to your visitors and performs its best at all times, it needs a little tlc.

Our bespoke websites include a series of advanced features, all of which get bundled into our monthly Concierge Web Management fee, making your ongoing costs transparent. These fees include:

  • Optimised Web Hosting

    Our web hosting environments are tweaked to be super fast, delivering amazing performance for your website.

  • Content Delivery Network

    Using a global content delivery network, websites assets are sent to the browser from the nearest location.

  • Brute Force Protection

    Restricts attempts by hackers from repeatedly guessing your username and password combinations.

  • Email Facility

    Comprehensive email service with IMAP and POP3 options along with pushmail for mobile devices.

  • Mailboxes

    Up to 50GB of combined storage for all your business email accounts - expandable upon request.

  • Plugin & Software Licensing

    Premium software licenses and plugin fees are taken care of as part of our Concierge web plan.

  • SSL Certificates (https://)

    Google and co want to make the web a safer place for us all and now penalise anyone without a secure website.

  • DDoS Protection

    Network edge DDoS protection prevents unwanted internet traffic from reaching your website.

  • Website Security

    A series of security measures, implemented to provide additional layers of protection for your website.

  • Webmail Service

    Access your emails from any web browser and stay in touch with your customers when away from home.

  • Daily Backups

    Website files, Database files and Emails are backed up each day to provide another level of safety.

  • Tuition & Guidance

    Full tuition and guidance is offered for those wishing to manage their own website content.

Monthly Fee From £60.00 + vat

We also provide full support for all the services we deliver. Whether you need assistance with editing the content on your website or are experiencing issues with your emails, you know that we'll be on-hand to help you out. Our support is available by Telephone, Email or via our Remote Support Screen Sharing service.

Let us take care of you, whilst you take care of your business.

Responsive Web Design

It has never been more important to give site visitors a better experience across all devices than it is today. In 2015, Google announced that for the first time more than 50% of all internet searches were carried out on devices with screens less than 6”, so that didn’t include any searches performed on Tablets.

Google followed these results with Mobilegeddon, effectively penalising website owners that didn’t offer their site visitors a good mobile experience.

Responsive Web Design is the best solution for a modern web experience. The design, structure and layout of your website is created to adjust and reflow the page content as the available screen size changes. Even as a mobile device rotates from Portrait to Landscape, content must transition to the new viewable screen area.

Responsive design doesn’t mean culling unnecessary content, rather giving more consideration to essential elements and reviewing what may add further enhancement as screens become larger.

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Responsive Web Design

Search Optimised Content

Search Engine Optimised Content

Developing a user focused approach to content optimisation, leads to a much clearer onpage message for your website visitors. Once it’s evident to real people that your content is relevant and appropriate in terms of the products or services, it then becomes much easier for search engines and directories to value your content as well.

Understanding which are the most appropriate key terms for your business can be tricky. There will always be some educated guesswork and a few assumptions to begin with. This should then be followed closely by a review of website traffic and visitor search result analysis to further refine your strategy.

Of course, there’s so much more than just these few points to take into consideration when you are looking to optimise your web content.

The best thing is that we are here for you, coaching you through the things you need to know, discussing your options and assisting you to with developing the great strategy for your unique business requirements.

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Ecommerce Selling Online

Many businesses are now reaping the benefits of adding an online store to their tool box. Whether you have an existing retail outlet or have the entrepreneurial flare to start up your own online shop selling physical, digital or other types of goods or services, we’re here to help you.

There’s no ‘one site fits all’ scenario when it comes to marketing your business and selling online with E-Commerce solutions. You may get close, but there’s always something that needs to be a certain way to ensure that your store works just the way you need it too.

One of the primary factors in developing an E-Commerce solution is its ease of use. You need to be able to get things done quickly so you can concentrate on growing your business. This includes handling payments and staying secure with SSL certificates and other forms of protection.

We are happy to advise you on all these points, providing you with and managing a secure and robust hosting environment for your website...

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Ecommerce Online Selling Colour

Robust, Reliable Web Hosting

Web Hosting Environment

At the heart of your website sits the Web Hosting. The home for all that code, script, files and media that combine to produce the beautiful pages that represent your business online.

Our web hosting environment has been tailored and optimised to provide fast and robust results for all our customers. With full SSD (Solid State Drive) architecture, there are no slow spinning disks prone to failure. We also implement Varnish Caching, which speeds up the delivery of web pages reducing the time to first byte (important for optimisation).

Backups are a vital element in any professional hosting configuration. We run hourly backups on all our clients sites with no impact on performance. This means we can always wind back the clock if something goes wrong.

Combine this with a CDN (Content Delivery Network), Web Firewall plus Antivirus Monitoring and you know you’re in safe hands. Remember, we'll manage all this for you, so there’s no reason to give any of these amazing services a second thought - unless you like to feel good.

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Email Services

Email has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Combine this with the various methods by which users are accessing their email accounts these days and the situation for managing your email service could easily become a full time job to control.

Over the years we have evolved through several versions of our email platform, which has become a trusted and professional product amongst our clients, working in harmony with Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications at the same time.

Our powerful servers work to keep email accounts in sync across multiple devices and can be expanded to accommodate the capacity of those requiring large scale inbox and archive resources.

To help keep your emails safe, we implement multiple security models with built in AntiVirus and customisable AntiSpam controls. If you have any concerns or need assistance setting things up, we’re always on hand to help.

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Email Services

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Engaging with customers helps to reignite interest in your products and services. Regular Email Newsletters with updates and offers, will keep you brand and contact details present in the minds (and inboxes) of your target customer base. Whilst it can be very tempting to start emailing people, you should be doing this the right way to get the maximum benefit.

Sometimes, businesses think it’s a great idea to start sending bulk email to past, present and potential clients, directly from their desktop email application. This method is crammed with pitfalls, so hopefully if email campaigns are something you’re considering, you’ll speak to someone who knows about it before you do anything.

Things like deliverability, unsubscribe links and spam checks all rolled into a stylish looking email are essential for a quality email marketing campaign. Add to this easy to manage subscriber lists, website sign up forms and comprehensive recipient analysis and you have the perfect solution.

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