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Business Email Address

What is a business email address?

Email is at the heart of modern-day communications. For most of us, waiting for a letter through the door has long since become a thing of the past, and the postal service has evolved to take up the new challenges set by the sheer volume of online shopping and parcel delivery.

While many of us have free email accounts with either our internet service provider or through companies like Google and AOL, these do not present the polished, professional image we need when running and growing our businesses. A business email address is one where email is routed via our own domain name, with an email address like As well as allowing us to have the exact email address we need - and not needing to add things like 123 to the account part of the name - we are also promoting our website address with every single communication we make.

We offer two types of email service to our clients depending on their needs. The first is a Standard Mailbox which allows you to connect via POP or IMAP, and the second type is a full Exchange email service. Let's explain the differences.

Standard Mailbox

Our standard mailboxes come with up to 10GB of storage space per email address. Emails can be accessed using the POP3 protocol or via IMAP. When using POP3, your email client - the application you use on your computer or mobile device to access your messages - downloads a copy of the message locally and then usually removes the original from the server. This method is problematic when you have the same email account set up on more than one device as message responses and conversations do not remain in sync. You are also dependant on your device backing up your messages, as in the event of hard drive failure, your emails could be lost.

This is why we always recommend using IMAP. When configuring your email account as IMAP, your messages remain on the mail server, and your email client simply mirrors the content locally for you. This way, your conversations always remain in sync, so if you reply on one device, that message will be available to see on another device using the same account. The server takes care of backups, and you can also access your emails via a webmail portal.

Exchange Email

An Exchange email service is the premium model for modern-day business-class email. Each mailbox has a storage capacity of 50GB (upgradable) and comes with additional features like a calendar and address book as standard. Microsoft Exchange accounts can also have some improved deliverability to other business users on the Microsoft Exchange platform. Setting up an exchange email account on your mobile phone or email client is usually more straightforward than standard mailboxes, as you only need to enter your email address and password. There are no incoming and outgoing mailserver settings or port numbers to remember.

There are varying levels of exchange accounts available, some are just for email, and others can include other Microsoft subscriptions like Office applications, OneDrive and Teams. There's no need for every user to have the same options. If user A only needs email, that fine. Suppose user B needs the full suite of Office applications, no problem. While Exchange email has many benefits, it is complex to manage, though we take care of all that for you.

Costs for email are per account per month and vary depending on the facilities available on each account.

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