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Getting to grips with email campaigns and subscribers

Email marketing campaigns and mailing lists

Building a list of email subscribers interested in the products and services you offer adds value to your business as a form of digital asset and works to create virtual footfall through your door.

Email marketing and mailing lists shouldn't be something you add to your business because you think it's something you should have but should be given in-depth consideration with a planned strategy. All too often, mailing list facilities are added to websites with little or no planning. It is essential to have a process in place for how the business intends to interact with its customers, what frequency email campaigns will be sent out, and what the onboarding experience should be for new subscribers.

Email Marketing
Responsive Email Design

We work with our clients to develop the process from email subscriber sign up to scheduled email campaigns. The act of subscribing can be incentivised where appropriate, with one time discounts or free downloads. Sign up forms can be embedded in a page, presented as the familiar popup or a combination of the two. Onboarding can involve a series of welcome and introductory emails, staged over several days to keep your brand in the mind of a new subscriber. Deciding on the content and frequency of email campaigns is vital as a flurry of emails for a few weeks and then nothing for months will see your audience of potential customers unsubscribing. And then there's the look and feel of your email campaigns. Are they well designed and responsive to modern smartphones and email clients?

There's a lot to think about, and fortunately, we are here to help with all of the above. A well thought through email marketing strategy will offer a great return on the investment you make in terms of time and money.

Ready for email marketing?

If you'd like to discuss your plans for email marketing and need to learn more about how we can include email marketing into your website design project. get in touch to arrange a call.
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