What is Responsive Web Design?

Learn what this term means and how it improves user experience

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Responsive web design

For many web designers, the term 'responsive web design' is constrained – ironically – to the reflowing of content on a web page.

Adjusting the layout and perhaps sizing of text, graphics, media and even menu items on a page will vastly improve the experience of website visitors who are then free to engage with the content however they prefer and on whatever device they choose.

It also reduces the site owners work in terms of any future administration. There is a single source of knowledge and resources for each published page - no more isolated mobile-friendly pages of duplicate content.

This description would reasonably be the core definition of responsive web design, but we see it as far more than that.

Responding to the user's needs

A responsive website should be one that provides not only a layout that works across all devices and screen sizes but also one that responds to the user's requirements and goals.

Suppose you know your target audience and understand their needs or the problems they are looking to solve.

In that case, we can assist you in developing an effective strategy and design a layout that delivers calls-to-actions at the most appropriate places, generating the responses you are looking for to grow your business steadily.

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User Focused Approach

A user-focused approach

Focusing on the user and presenting the information they are looking for, along with additional convincers in a clean and clear design that blends with the brand's identity, will be at the heart of a well-structured website that works to convert site visitors into happy customers.

Thinking about the critical points we've just discussed, this gives you the best definition of how we see responsive web design and its importance at the core of a successful website for both a great user experience (UX) and an intuitive user interface (UI).

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