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More than just a website maintenance plan

Full Service Web Maintenance Plan

The full-service plan your website really needs

When you design and develop websites for clients every day and help others solve problems they've encountered when trying to do things independently, you get to understand exactly what a website needs to make it fast, reliable and secure. Things don't stand still for long in the world of web development with security patches, software updates and new policies rolling out constantly. Who's ensuring your website is up-to-date and protected from the latest hacks?

Going beyond the minimum website requirements

We began offering the standard website maintenance plans you find on many sites around ten years ago. We wanted to help clients keep on top of things like the updates their website needed and the hosting they were using for their website, along with daily backups. However, we soon realised that as websites progressed and began to included advanced functionality, there was so much more we could be doing to provide better support and help clients budget for their requirements. Our Concierge Web Management service was born.

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Optimised Cloud Hosting

Optimised cloud hosting platform

The websites we now create utilise modern technologies and benefit from running on an optimised cloud hosting platform we have developed specifically for this purpose. This platform ensures our sites have all the resources they require to deliver their optimum performance. Our hosting infrastructure consists of several origin servers, independent traffic gateway and caching servers, and optimised database servers, all tweaked to provide the best performance for the single role they each play in enhancing your site visitors experience.

Advanced security measures

As well as meeting modern hosting requirements, our Concierge Web Management service includes a series of advanced security measures. These include an advanced Firewall to protect against dangerous threats from unwanted visitors, DDoS protection to help prevent malicious traffic from reaching your website and multi-factor login protocols where required. We also use an advanced Content Delivery Network to deliver your website pages and media to users from the location closest to them. Spam through website forms and comments (when enabled) is also kept to a minimum with message filtering.

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Cost Effective Web Maintenance Plan

Software and plugin license fees included

With every module of advanced functionality included in a website development project comes an additional annual license fee. These can soon mount up, and website owners can find themselves having to pay hefty fees at various times throughout the year. To make things more affordable and spread these costs out, we include the licensing costs of the software and plugins used on your website in our Concierge Web Management fee*. If new functionality is requested after a website has launched, we can adjust these monthly fees accordingly.

*Note that some functionality like postcode and address lookups may require a subscription service which will have varying costs each month depending on usage.

Interested in our website maintenance?

If you would like to know more about or Concierge Web Management service, get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss your requirements.
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