What is search engine optimisation?

SEO is more than just a catchy acronym and essential for online success

Search Optimised Content

Search engine optimisation

Every website we develop has a search engine friendly structure containing the key elements and schema that make understanding and indexing your website pages as easy as possible.

Ensuring your website content is optimised for the key terms – single words or longer phrases – that are an excellent fit for your products or services will lead to a clearer message for both your website visitors and, in turn, the search engines.

Deciding on these key terms can be part of the overall website planning process, though undertaking it at any time after a new site has launched would form part of an on-site search engine optimisation strategy, otherwise referred to as SEO.

Keyword research

Establishing the most appropriate key terms to use on your website can be tricky.

Sometimes, the website owner's expert knowledge can hinder the keyword selection process if they are drawn to use words of a more technical nature than their target audience's language or terminology.

Doing proper keyword research and developing a strategy for your content can be a lengthy process, though using free tools like Google Trends and other paid-for services will help ensure the terms you select will give you a good starting point.

Keyword Research V2
Keyword Optimisation Monitoring

Monitor, track and review your search engine optimisation

Keyword choices and the search engine optimisation strategy should be monitored, tracked, and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure your site maintains its position among the competition.

While it may be challenging to rank for the head keywords most commonly associated with the product or service you are optimising for, you will have greater success with longer tail keywords, defined by a more specific search.

To help with optimising your website's content, we offer two SEO services. The first is our SEO Boost where we carry out one-time on-site optimisations required to improve your ranking. The second is our Optimisation Monitoring and Management which regularly checks your keyword rankings, highlighting progress and identifying possible improvements. These two services work well together.

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