SEO Services

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is the method of ensuring your content has clear signals to both humans and the search engines' crawler bots. By making some carefully crafted changes to critical elements on a page, we can infer a specific term (or terms) to which an individual page relates. These elements can include: Meta title; Meta description; Heading elements H1, H2, H3 etc.; and Image title & alt text.

The crucial factor to keep in mind is our target audience. There is no point in crafting a page of content highly optimised for search crawlers if it doesn't read well to our prospective customers. Well written content with a clear purpose will consistently rank better than a page of spammy keywords. Getting the balance right between not enough and too much is essential if we want our content to have sufficient influence while remaining a good read.

SEO Boost

Our SEO Boost service includes keyword research to identify the terms for which your site could rank. These might be long-tail keywords (more specific search terms that consist of multiple words, e.g. Paediatric Dentist Watford) rather than short-tail or head keywords (single prime keywords like Dentist). We then make the necessary adjustments to your website's content to improve your chances of appearing in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for searches that include those terms.

This is a one-time service that aims to give your website a kick-start to ranking for the chosen keywords. It won't make a difference overnight but will gradually improve your chances of appearing in organic search results.

SEO Boost Service
SEO Monitoring Service

Optimisation Monitoring and Management

The Optimisation Monitoring and Management service we offer compliments the SEO Boost with ongoing monitoring of the selected keywords. We check to see how well your site ranks for the terms and if any new keyword opportunities arise. As your competitors will most likely undertake some form of SEO, adjustments over time may be necessary. Sometimes additional content may be required, like blog posts, to increase the authority of a site. We can help with suggestions for improvement and provide a copy-editing service to transform any basic content you provide us with into an entire article.

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