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GDPR – What Is It, Why Now and How Do We handle it?

What Is GDPR All About?

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – had been a hot topic over the last few months of 2017, rising to somewhat of a frenzy as the year came to an end. During discussions earlier on in 2017, many thought it might come to nothing and be treated like the EU Cookie Law, where very few people took any action. This is not the case with GDPR.

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Essential Wordpress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins to make WordPress easier

WordPress makes it very easy to run a blog, with most of the functionality you need already there for you. But over time, WordPress has evolved into something far more powerful and flexible then a simple blogging platform. You can now build anything from one page websites and landing page websites through to complex ecommerce websites, membership websites and full blown applications for almost any purpose.

What really makes WordPress such an ideal platform for any web project is the huge amount of plugins that are available. These plugins either add new features to your website or tweak the existing WordPress functionality. If you can think of something you’d like to be able to do on a website, chances are that there is a plugin that will do that for you, or at least come pretty close.

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Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design and do I need a responsive website

So what is Responsive Web Design and why is it so important for websites to be built this way? Well to fully comprehend the need for change, we have to wind the clock back a few years to understand the evolution of the internet.

The web was born back in 1989 as the brain child of Tim Berners-Lee, when he launched the first ever website to help others understand how to share information around the globe. The first site and those that followed shortly after, were just text and links, so no major design issues would arrive for quite some time.

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