How To Setup Email On Iphone Ipad

Email Settings For iPhone & iPad

Updated for iOS 9

In this guide we aim to give you the email settings for iPhone and iPad and show you how to set up email accounts on your iOS devices, so your emails remain in sync across all your email clients.

IMAP is the preferred method of receiving email on multiple devices such as your desktop computer, your laptop and mobile phone. When using IMAP, if you read an email on your iPhone, it should automatically be marked as read on your desktop and other devices – providing you have also used the IMAP protocol on those devices too. If you choose to delete a message, it is deleted across all devices.

This guide is aimed for email accounts hosted on our standard email servers. If you are using this guide to configure email accounts from other providers, you may need to use different settings available from your own hosting provider. If we are providing a Push Mail or Dedicated Mail service for your company, you may need to contact us for specific settings.

Stage 1. Select the settings icon on your iPhone/iPad and scroll down to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Stage 2. Select the  ‘Add Account‘ option.

IPhone Add New Email Account

Stage 3. In the list of Email Account Types, select ‘Other‘ at the bottom of the list.

Iphone Add Account Domain

Stage 4. In the next view, select ‘Add Mail Account

Iphone Add Email Account

Stage 5. Within the ‘New Account‘ view, Enter your Name as you would like others to see it.

Enter the full Email address you are setting up including the domain part (as seen in the example below)
Enter your Password and a Description. The Description is only used to help you identify this specific email account on your iPhone.

When you’ve entered all the information required, tap Next.

IPhone New Email account Setup Stage 1

Stage 6. By default you should see IMAP selected, if not, select it now. Your NameEmail and Description should already be present, if not, update them.

It’s time to enter your ‘Incoming Mail Server‘ settings for your iPhone. This information will have been provided to you, though if for some reason you do not have these details, please contact us or your email provider. Typically, the settings you will enter here will be substituting the part with your actual domain name.

The ‘User Name‘ is your full email address including the domain name. We are often contacted by customers experiencing difficulty with email setup, only to discover they have not entered the full email address as their username. The last step here is to enter your Password.

IPhone Imap Email Account Setup


Stage 7. You may get a warning ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ at this point. You just need to tap on ‘Continue’ to confirm you trust our servers. This alert may appear twice as it checks for both Incoming and Outgoing mail, so just tap on the Continue option on both occasions.

IPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

Stage 8. The last step here is to tap Save and return back to your Home Screen.

IPhone Email Account Added

Making All Your IMAP Folders Sync Nicely

This step is optional, but if you want your Sent, Draft, Trash and Junk folders etc to sync nicely everywhere you access your emails, you’ll want to do this bit.

Stage 9.  Return to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars option as we did in the very beginning.

Stage 10. You will see your new email account listed here. Go ahead and tap on that to edit the settings..

IPhone Edit Email Account

Stage 11. Your email address will be shown in the Account tab. Tap it to begin making the required changes.

IPhone Select Email Account To Edit

Stage 12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the ‘Advanced‘ tab

IPhone Advanced Settings

Stage 13.  The first section in the Advanced area is called Mailbox Behaviours and this is what we need to check and change if necessary. We’ll go through the process for checking and setting up the Sent Mailbox and you can then repeat the process for any other Mailboxes you have.

IPhone Changing Mailbox Behaviours

Stage 14. You may find that your device has chosen to keep Sent items ‘On My iPhone‘ which would mean they are not synced to the server or your other email applications. The check mark indicates which folder is currently in use. To remedy this, simply tap the Sent folder option under the heading ‘On The Server‘. When you’re done, tap the Advanced tab at the top of the page and repeat the process for your other folders.

IPhone Using Mailboxes On The Server

Email Account Setup completed

You have now successfully setup your iPhone or iPad to send and receive emails. What’s more, these emails will remain in sync with any other device you have the same email account set up on (providing you have also set those up using the server folders).

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