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Surecall Recruitment

Refresh a tired website for a prominent recruitment agency, focusing on job vacancies, the services available to industry clients, and job availability notifications via email subscription
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Surecall Recruitment has had a website for several years but had outgrown its functionality, usability and dated design.

The company offers a range of specialist services to specific sectors, and it was important to highlight these and their professionalism. It was equally important to improve interaction with prospective new clients. So an off-canvas contact form was implemented, making it immediately available on every page, removing the need to navigate away to a dedicated contact page.

To retain a consistent style and experience throughout the website, a similar strategy was implemented for the candidate registration form. Using an off-canvas approach for the form, there is no need for the prospective candidate to wait for an additional page load.

A streamlined job vacancy section was developed, making it easy to scan through all jobs, find jobs in specific industries or locate jobs in a particular area. The job availabilities are also collated weekly and compiled into a newsletter sent out to all their subscribers. This was enhanced with a revised strategy to gain new subscribers with a range of targetted calls to action.

The new website now serves as an important tool that Surecall Recruitment can make full use of as they continue to grow their business.

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