Sole Potential Charity Project

Sole Potential Charity

Create a website for a new charity that was compelling, informative and simple to use. Getting their story across and the impact donations have is key to the success of Sole Potential.
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Sole Potential is a new UK charity with a unique goal. It aims to provide underprivileged young people with new sports footwear, giving them the opportunity to participate in sport. It’s something many of us may have taken for granted growing up, and you soon realise how the lack of suitable sports footwear impacts young lives.

It was important to us to make sure we did our bit during the creative process to get the entire message across to site visitors. Working with the charity team, we evolved their logo and mascot icons into a colour palette to service the whole site. Vibrant colours and pastel shades work to pull the content together and focus on the primary calls to action.

The site includes a comprehensive donation system to encourage, process and manage donations either on a one-off basis or a recurring model. A series of customisable follow-up emails allow the charity team to interact with donors and keep them apprised of the charity’s progress and its impact on so many young lives.

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