Boarding Hens Web Design Project 1

Boarding Hens

Create a website that showed the unique available service and make it easy for people to complete a detailed booking form
  • Backups
  • CDN
  • CMS
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Support


Boarding Hens run a type of ‘kennels’ for Chickens. Many families and schools now have chickens either for a source of fresh eggs or for educational purposes. When Schools close or people go on holiday, these lovely creatures still need looking after. Unlike a Dog or a Cat, you can’t leave these with neighbours as they do require a fair bit of knowledge to care for them.

The website is designed to work as a little marketing tool, so the business shows up in search engine results pages and makes it easy for those wishing to book, to fill out a comprehensive booking form to secure their place.

Project views:

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