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How To Setup Email On Iphone Ipad

Email Settings For iPhone & iPad

Updated for iOS 9

In this guide we aim to give you the email settings for iPhone and iPad and show you how to set up email accounts on your iOS devices, so your emails remain in sync across all your email clients.

IMAP is the preferred method of receiving email on multiple devices such as your desktop computer, your laptop and mobile phone. When using IMAP, if you read an email on your iPhone, it should automatically be marked as read on your desktop and other devices – providing you have also used the IMAP protocol on those devices too. If you choose to delete a message, it is deleted across all devices.

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Starting With Social Media

Why Social Media is not that scary

We are often asked by clients what they can do themselves to improve their website traffic. Once the important task of on page SEO has been done to optimise the content correctly and the process has begun to submit the website to a range of Search Engines and Directories – usually something they assign us to do for them – there’s still much that can be done to help. When we dare to bring up the subject of Social Media, we are usually met with a series of award winning gurning faces or spine chilling groans.

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